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Have you had an experience making a medical decision for someone in the intensive care unit? We would be honored to hear your story. We have designed the Share section so you can share your story in the way that feels right for you. You may have shared your experience with others, or you may be sharing it for the first time. You do not have to be an experienced storyteller to share your story with ICU StoryWeb. We provide question prompts to help you share your experience. You can audio record or write your story.

Once received, your story will be reviewed by the ICU StoryWeb team, edited, and posted to the site. Please know that this site and our email are not continuously monitored. The turnaround time for posting your story depends on how many stories we have received. If you have questions about sharing your story, please email us at If you are feeling overwhelmed and need help now, please call the Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Please Read Instructions

*Due to the likelihood of experiencing emotional distress while telling your story, you may wish to invite a trusted friend or family member to sit with you and help you record your story.*

Option 1: Share your story as an audio recording (FAQ: How do I record my story?)

Option 2: Share your story in writing (FAQ: How do I write my story?)

Record or write your story using our Storytelling Guide.

Submitting your photograph

Use a picture that relates to your story. You could take a photo of yourself holding a picture of your loved one or use an existing photo of your loved one or an object they loved. If you do not wish to share a photo, your story will be displayed with the ICU StoryWeb logo.

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